Ideas and the encouragement thereof are the sole motivating factor of the PP. A place where your unfinished thoughts can be complimented by the likes of others to realize collective potential and eventually reach fruition. With a growing spectrum of artistic mediums such as music/ visual arts/ theory/ invention etc... The possibilities are limitless.


By putting emphasis on this, users have the option of branching out or breaking off with other creators upon mutual agreement, that resonate with the initiator in their respective fields. Cross medium experimentation is also greatly encouraged.


By providing an accessible and supportive creative environment, your ideas have boundless potential. Ultimately this is a new arena or venue that supports and encourages both individual and collective progress, with an emphasis on the latter.

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It's our belief at the Pangaea project that we've merely seen the tip of the iceberg of human innovation and artistic potential. It is time for a new playing field that altogether pushes human creativity. A field where ideas are shared, built and expanded upon with others in a very accessible and user friendly manner. A field that transcends traditional artistic, philosophical, inventive and theoretical confinements . By using open source principles and practicing the belief that there is much to gain from the simple act of collaboration as opposed to creative atomization. We believe that only together are we capable of working towards our true potential. Imagine a world where an idea is free to flourish and be complimented by like minds... A world where Great ideas actually see the light of day just as the universe intended them to.

Not just a place where artists can display their work, but also where they can upload their musical creations and other art mediums for others to experiment with, while maintaining agreed ownership and the right to branch off with individual prospective groups.


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